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24 Apr '18

Our all new Liquid Dreadlock Shampoos... an easier way to wash dreads!

Our all new Liquid Dreadlock Shampoos... an easier way to wash your dreads!

You've got dreads, and you want to keep them clean and tidy... right? You don't want people thinking you've got stinky dreads and that you don't look after your hair. And you probably don't want stinky dreadlocks yourself either. 

Which is why we are proud to announce our very own Liquid Dreadlocks Soap Shampoos.  

Our liquid shampoos are made specifically for dreadheads and people of a similar lifestyle and values, friendly to the environment and to animals:

  1. Certified Organic Ingredients over 70% - produced or involving production without the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or other artificial chemicals. 
  2. Vegan - using or containing no animal products. 
  3. No animal testing
  4. Free from Sulphates, Parabens, GMO, Perfume, Colours, and Propylene Glycol - these chemicals can be irritating to your skin, scalp and hair, they can make your eyes sting, they may cause considerable damage to your hair and scalp, and they can produce skin irritation and allergic reactions. 

All of our liquid dread shampoos come as a 250ml size, which depending upon the length of your dreads, and how often you wash them, is probably enough to last you a good few months. 

We have 5 different flavours to choose from, LemongrassPeppermintTea TreePatchouli and Benchmark Thyme. All with Antibacterial, Antiseptic, Anti-fungal and Anti-inflammatory properties.. and more, and all with 70% natural organic ingredients. 

Without a doubt, these liquid shampoos are some of the very highest quality, kind, healing and cleansing dreadlock shampoos you'll ever likely to find. Whether you already have a dread cleansing routine, or if you haven't gotten started on keeping you dreadlocks and your skin, hair and scalp clean, tidy and healthy... try out one of our liquid dread shampoos today... you'll be glad you did.

And... they not just for use on your hair and scalp... they can be used on all of your body... so you don't just see the benefits on your head... you can also get the same healthy skin on the rest of your body... and feel all of the benefits there too!

21 Apr '18

Q? Is it true that you shouldn't wash or shampoo brand new dreadlocks?

Q? Is it true that you shouldn't wash or shampoo brand new dreadlocks?One of the possible dilemmas that someone whose just had their dreadlocks made, is the question: To Wash... or Not To Wash... A very good question indeed. And on the face of it, you might think that washing brand new dreads would be a definite no no... and for some people they hold this as true. 

But... the truth is, it is perfectly okay to wash your new dreads after they have been done, and it is more than okay to do so. You can wait a few days to do it, or even leave it a week before you shampoo them if you have any concerns, but the washing of recently made dreadlocks is definitely not a problem. 

This question also falls into the same category of thought that people without dreads, and not in the dreadhead community, have as a misconception about people with dreads. And that is one of cleanliness and hygiene. People without their hair in locs commonly basically assume that dreadies can't possibly wash their dreads, and therefore don't wash their dreads. 

And to look at dreads, one might initially think the same thing, asking "Q? How on earth can you wash them?" This is a huge assumption! And one of total and utter complete ignorance. The care of both your hair, and your scalp, does not, and should not stop after you have had your dreads done.

It's very likely that before you had your dreads done, you were washing your hair and your head on a weekly or more regular basis, and you were probably doing this for a very good reason... to keep your hair and head clean and in good condition. This is still just as vital and important after getting your dreads done, as it was before. 

Having your hair dreaded doesn't change the fact that your head and scalp continue to produce oils, and that the environment continues to contaminate your hair and scalp. Hair and head hygiene doesn't stop... just 'cos you have had dreads done and became a dreadhead. An ongoing hair care and scalp routine is important... particularly if you don't want to be thought of, or accused of having smelly dreads. 

And perhaps part of this myth that you cannot wash dreads, springs from the unfounded idea that if you wash your dreads, they will be totally ruined and destroyed. Again this comes from a place of ignorance, and unknowing. They think that doing that will completely trash and destroy all of the hard work, time, effort and money that you have put into having your dreads, done... and therefore a complete waste of money. But this isn't the case at all! 

One of the values that dreadheads and people of a similar lifestyle have, is the consideration of the environment, and the impact and consequences of their choices and actions upon the environment, and how they might do so, in an environmentally friendly way, so as to now add to the continual contamination, pollution, and destruction of our planet... the only one we have. 

Some people choose to wash their dreads in just water, and not use any products or topical treatments on their hair, and that is perfectly fine. But if you do decide that just water isn't quite enough for you, then choosing a shampoo and conditioner to wash your dreadlocks in, is your next step. 

And to fit in with your environmentally friendly beliefs and values, when it comes to rinsing any shampoo and conditioner out of your dreads, and the resulting soaps suds being washed down the the sink or bath plug hole... Natural Organic hair shampoo and conditioners are the way to go. 

We highly recommend that you continue to wash your hair, as frequently as you used to before you had your dreadlocks done. Your scalp has adjusted to your routine of washing, and a change in that will confuse your scalp and its production of skin oil. 

A lot of washing might cause loose hair or more maintenance on your locks, but over all, it's best to stick to your normal washing routine. We do recommend that you use a clean, organic shampoo, without perfume. 

And for this we highly recommend: RAW ROOTs or Dreadz Shampoo Bars or Dreadz Liquid shampoos... you choose:

19 Apr '18

The most annoying question for Dreadheads "Do you wash your locks?"

Posted by Steve Green in clean, cleanse, dreadlocks, dreads, locks, locs, rinse, shampoo, soap, wash

The most annoying question for Dreadheads "Do you wash your locks?"... RAW ROOTs Dreadlock Soap Shampoo Bars... a great & natural way to keep your dreads and scalp clean...Probably one of the most annoying questions a person without dreadlocks can ask a person with dreads is... "Do you wash your locks?"

You've probably had someone ask you that right? Or you've heard a friend being asked that question. Most dreadheads are usually very easy going, and just laugh it off and pay it no attention... but for some it can be quite a rude thing to be asked.

There seems to be a some unfounded myth in the general population that because you have a very different hairstyle to most - Dreadlocks are one way that Rastafarians distinguish themselves from non-Rastas - the immediate thought is that you take absolutely no care over your hair and your head whatsoever, and just leave your locs to their own devices.

But in this day and age... keeping your dreads and your scalp clean and fresh is not only a must, but it's also really easy, especially with the range of different cleansing products available for you today.

And because people with dreadlocks are commonly very environmentally friendly, choosing a soap or shampoo to wash both your dreads and your scalp with that meets those environmental needs, is also one of the major issues for choosing such a product.

Everybody is different, and everybody prefers their own way of cleaning their hair and scalp. Some like liquid dread shampoos, and others prefer the good old fashioned way of scrubbing... with an in-your-hand... good old scrub... dreadlock shampoo bar!

And we have the ideal shampoo bars for you! RAW ROOTs is rapidly becoming a very popular range of natural organic dreadlock products, providing you with very effective shampooing and cleansing of your hair and scalp, while being kind not only to you, but the environment too.

The RAW ROOTs Dreadlock Soap Shampoo Bars come in 3 lovely flavours:

  • Greenie GenieOrganic plant extracts strengthens hair and scalp and helps active against dandruff and other scalp problems. 
  • Muddy Luxury Contains organic essential oils of Geranium, Rosemary and patchouli that helps to stimulate the scalp, acting anti-inflammatory and stimulates hair growth. 
  • Simply CalmBased on organic extracts of Chamomile, Calendula and lavender in saponified coconut, olive and avocado oil. 

These dread shampoo bars cleanse and nourish your scalp and dreadlocks, with green organic ingredients. 

Each shampoo bar corresponds to approximately 500-600 ml liquid shampoo.. so there's plenty there to go around, and should last you for a good while yet, depending upon the length of your dreads, and whether a good friend likes it so much they borrow it, and don't give it back until there's a tiny amount left.

Try a RAW ROOTs shampoo bar on your dreadlocks now... you'll love the way it cleans your dreads and refreshes your scalp.

23 Feb '18

If you're fed up with those uncontrollable loose hairs in your dreads? Here's how to tighten up your dreadlocks.


  • Start by finding the loose hair you want to work on. 
  • Add Lock Powder and rub the hair in circular movements until the hair tangles into a hairball. 

Now you are ready to work the hairball into the dreadlock. We prefer a crochet latch hook

  • We always start with a little bigger crochet latch hook 0.7-1.0mm. to get more hair into the dreadlock, and save time. 
  • Carefully work in the loose hair to the dreadlock from all angles. 
  • When the loose hair is inside the dreadlock, we begin to tighten the dreadlock with a smaller crochet latch hook size 0.5-0.75mm. 


Continue with the crochet latch hook until you feel the dreadlock is as tight and smooth as you like. 

Finish off by rolling the dreadlock so the new knots will settle inside the dreadlock. You can use Tightening Gel while rolling which will give a firm hold.

Now it's your turn! :O) 

20 Feb '18

Dreads Palm Rolling Tutorial with RAW ROOTs Dreadlock Tightening Gel

Palm rolling is used to help new knots to get firm and tighten up, and it helps the dreadlock to stretch so it does not get bumps and loops. RAW ROOTs Aloe Manuka Dreadlocks Tightening Gel is a good product for palm rolling. 


  • Spray a couple of squirts of tightening gel into your palm. 
  • Take 1 or 2 dreadlocks between your palms and roll back and forth, while rolling and pushing your hands against each other. 
  • Hold the hair with 2 fingers at the roots if it hurts while rolling. 
  • Tightening Gel will keep the dreadlocks tight.

Palm rolling is super important maintenance to keep your dreadlocks tight, round and beautiful.

If you have new locks, palm roll them every day.

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