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Dreadlocks... before dreading & after dreading

dreadlocks - Before and After

Wait! Just a quick note to all the Knotty girls out there: Hey! Our products are in no way intended for use specifically by the male population even though it's called Knotty Boy - we just liked the name. Girls are capable of being just as knotty as boys! 

Here are some pictures of Laura before, during and after her dreadification while she was working with Knotty Boy! 

Before and After: Laura 

Laura... before having her dreadlocks done.
Laura before:
Here you can see Laura with her shining noggin of bone-straight, thick, blonde hair. Not at all the kind of hair most people would think would make even a half-decent head of dreadlocks... but behold! 
The first layer of dreads in Laura's hair.
Laura layer 1:
Notice how I've started with the hair underneath, rather than from the top. It really doesn't make a big difference where you start, but I prefer to pin the undreaded hair out of the way, rather than the fresh, waxy dreads. I just think it's easier, and they suffer less abuse if you don't mess with them too much in the beginning. 
Dreadlock layer number two for Laura.
Laura layer 2:
... 3 hours later... dreading, dreading, dreading...
watch the boys play Starcraft... listen to G 'n'f'n' R... sing Weezer songs... my feet are killing me... Laura's got a numb-bum... 
The final layer... layer of dreads number three in Laura's hair.
Laura layer 3:
... too hot in here!... let's go outside and finish this at the park ... man, the bugs are eating me alive! ... lets go back in. I can't believe it - we're finally done! And it only took SIX HOURS. Can I get a foot rub? Anybody?? Yeah, I'm not asking here!
The finished result! Laura's hair... 4 days after getting her new dreadlocks.
Laura - Day 4:
This is day 4 in the life of Laura's new dreads. Pretty soft and poofy-looking, but really hanging together well! 

The fact that she has some good length to work with makes a big difference - starting dreads with shorter hair is a lot harder in the beginning. 

Day 6 of Laura's dreads... and their really looking natty!
Laura - Day 6:
You can see here how much dreads really shrink after their first washing. The initial poofiness goes down a lot once they get wet - and the act of getting them wet, then drying them really helps them tighten up, too. This is why dreadies should ALWAYS wash their hair - it actually gets your locks tighter and your dreads smell fresh and clean, too! Who woulda thunk it!?