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28 Dec '16

The all new Knotty Boy All Purpose Shampoo Bar Black Velvet Charcoal

The NEW Knotty Boy All Purpose Shampoo Bar Black Velvet Charcoal

We are happy to announce the release of a new flavour of the World-over loved and international best selling shampoo bar for dreads and other things...

The Knotty Boy All Purpose Shampoo Bar Black Velvet Charcoal.

Same great all purpose shampoo bar quality... NEW flavour!

28 Sep '15

When one person tried these dreadlock hair beads, you won't believe what happened next...

Posted by Steve Green in beads, dreadlocks, dreads, hair beads

When one person tried these dreadlock hair beads, you won't believe what happened next...

Here at Dreadz.co.uk, we have probably the largest & widest selection of hair beads. Whether you put them in your dreads, in normal hair, or even in your beard... you'd be hard pushed to find a greater choice of colours, materials, styles and sizes anywhere else on the web.

From large coloured wooden beads, to tribal hair beads, to dragon hair beads, you'll find the lot. Some really nice hair beads to decorate and adorn your hair with, giving you a really cool, funky and unusual hair style that friends and others will really like.

22 Sep '15

Say Hello to Happy Hair! A New 500ml Size Ultimate Hair Detangler

Introducing the new 500ml size Knotty Boy Ultimate Hair Detangler...

Introducing the new 500ml size Knotty Boy Ultimate Hair Detangler...

Knotty Boy Ultimate Hair Detangler removes the MOST dreadful tangles and knots, easily and all naturally, and smooths and restores rough split ends and damaged follicles to lustrous, shiny health.

This slippery, mild, tropical-scented formula is excellent for use on children for gentle detangling, light curl definition and wash-out or leave-in control.

Directions... It's easy to use, just wet your hair, and work small amounts of Knotty Boy Ultimate Detangler directly into tangled areas, gently separating and picking out knots with fingers or plastic comb from end of hair to root. Leave Detangler on hair for 5-10 minutes for increased benefit and repair, then rinse and repeat as needed.

Here's what just a few customers say about Knotty Boy Every Body Ultimate Hair Detangler...

"Brilliant for getting knots out of kinky, African hair. Right after my second child was born, I was so pressed for time that detangling my curls on a regular basis was a pipe dream. After a few weeks had passed, a bunch of tiny, corkscrew curls above the nape of my neck had begun to knot and dread up quite nicely, much to my horror. After a liberal dollop of this detangler to the area, some time on the couch in front of the t.v., and a lot of patience with a fine-toothed comb, this stuff gave my hair enough 'slip' to work those knots right out. Keeping this stuff on hand allows me to not panic during rough patches when I only have time for half-hearted finger detangling of my curls." ~ Dutch

"So far,so good.My hair tangles a lot once shampooed so this definitely helps.Smells very clean and soft.I am pleased it's worked for me." ~ Tazlin

"Pros- smell great, Soften hair, Curly poping, Hydrating, Good for cowashing. Cons- please can you make a bigger bottles 1 litre or 500ml would be great." ~ Anon
[ the 1 litre hair detangler can be found here ]

"Quite good at detangling afro hair but the bottle is quite small and I find that I have to use quite a lot to get through my 4C hair. Although it has a lovely coconut fragrance which I enjoyed." ~ Jadie

"for West Indian hair this this so helpful. I love it and highly recommend this for natural afro-caribbean hair. A little goes a long way." ~ Jupiter

"I used Knotty Boy Ultimate Detangler to take down my hair after my wedding, and wow! that stuff really works. Within 2 minutes of applying it to my damp hair I could run my fingers through my hair. The last time I had a formal up-do it took me several attempts with shampoo and conditioner to get out the sticky hairspray and resulting knots. Thanks so much! My hair felt back to its normal healthy state right away." ~ Rhoda K

"We opened up our new bottle of Knotty Boy Ultimate Detangler just a couple days ago and gave it a sniff... so yummy! My girls wanted to take a bath right away to try it out! Having three little girls with long hair can be such a chore, but using this detangler seemed to give them softer, smoother, less "knotty" hair and they all love the smell. I also feel great about the fact that I am using such a natural, environmentally friendly product on my kids... so much better for them and better for our world! Thanks again!" ~ Lisa K

"We use the Detangler as a leave-in Conditioner as it defines the curls and acts as an anti-frizz for my daughter's Afro hair type. The Detangler also allows us tear-free combing through her wet hair without tangles, and I also use it on my son's Afro locks if and when they are looking dry - it is a great moisturizer!" ~ Jessica D

"On a recent trip it was the only hair care product I packed, and simply used it on both of us as a co-wash and leave-in with fantastic results. Knotty Boy Every Body Ultimate Detangler earns two thumbs up and a spot on our "almond oil free" product shelf! Oh, and after reading all about Knotty Boy and their other products, I am seriously considering dreads when TD is older. They really take the fear out of dreads. If you have ever considered dreads, go check them out." ~ Shelley

19 Aug '15

How to Care For New Back-Combed Dreadlocks...

How to Care For New Back-Combed Dreadlocks...One method of starting new dreadlocks is back-combing and palm rolling. A stylist parts your hair into small sections, rats each section by combing the hair upward with a fine-toothed comb, and rolls the ratted hair between her palms. Some stylists apply dread wax to new locs, some apply aloe-vera gel and some use nothing. Whatever method your stylist recommends, you'll have to maintain your new dreadlocks at home by back-combing and rolling the sections again after every wash. 

Wash your locks with dreadlock shampoo (Knotty Boy Liquid Shampoo or Knotty Boy Shampoo Bar - available @ dreadz.co.uk) once or twice a week. Keeping new dreads very clean helps keep oil from building up in your hair, which dries the hair somewhat and prepares it for back-combing. 

Treat your dreadlocks from the mid-point down with Knotty Boy (available @ dreadz.co.uk) Locksteady Gel (dilute with water to make a spritz if preferred) - its purpose is to tighten and harden your hair. Wrap your dreads in a micro-fiber towel to absorb the excess water, and sit under a hood dryer or allow them to air dry. They should be completely dry before you start back-combing. 

Back-comb each dread with a fine-toothed comb (available @ dreadz.co.uk) after your hair is dry. Hold the ends of the dread and run the comb toward your roots, making lots of short strokes to push the hair up. Each dread should have a puffy ball of teased hair at the end. 

Apply just enough Gel or Wax to your hands to palm roll one dreadlock. Rub your palms together to warm them. Roll each dread back and forth vigorously between your palms, working from the roots to the ends. The puffs of hair at the end of each dread will flatten with rolling. 

Cover your hair with a head scarf or bandana to keep them flat and out of your face. The scarf helps compress and protect baby dreadlocks.

16 Aug '15

How to Keep Your Dreadlocks From Unravelling...

How to Keep Your Dreadlocks From Unravelling...Unravelled dreadlocks can make your funky style look messy and unkempt. Growing your dreads can take months, but it will only take a few days for them to unravel if not properly cared for. They need to be sealed completely and re-twisted occasionally to keep them looking fresh and to allow any new hair to comply with the dread process.

Wash your dreads with a specialty dread shampoo (Knotty Boy Liquid Shampoo or Knotty Boy Shampoo Bar @ dreadz.co.uk) to get rid of any grime and dirt that may have built up in your hair. Wash twice so all the gunk is completely out. Concentrate on the roots and ends first, and then the rest of the hair on the second washing. Apply a conditioner (see Knotty Boy Conditioning Sprays - available in Coconut, Lavender or Green Tea @ dreadz.co.uk) only to the ends to prevent any rough ends from breaking off.

Towel-dry your dreads. Squeeze out any excess moisture with the towel, and allow the dreads to dry completely before using any styling products. Putting any wax or gel in your dreads while they are still wet can leave them smelling bad and attract more dirt and possibly mould.

Grip any loose hair at the roots after the hair dries, and wrap it around the nearest dread. Use a small amount of dread wax (Knotty Boy Dreadlock Wax available in Light or Dark colour @ dreadz.co.uk) to hold the loose hair, and secure it to the dread. Take a bit more wax, and apply it to your dreads by rolling the hair back and forth between your palms. Repeat this process for the rest of the dreads.

Secure each dread with a heavy-duty elastic hair band (available @ dreadz.co.uk) at least 1/2 inch from the tips. Tighten the band as much as possible; in most dreads, this will not harm or break the hair. Blow-dry your dreads on high heat to seal in the wax. Grab each dread, and pull it away from the rest of your hair, moving the blow dryer from the roots to the tips. Do this until every dread has been blasted with heat.

Tips & Warnings:

  • Only wash your dreads once a week. Too much stimulation can cause fuzziness and unravelling.
  • Keep your scalp fresh and itch-free by using a peppermint hair spray to cool and soothe it.

See Knotty Boy Peppermint Cooling Spray @ dreadz.co.uk.

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