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23 Feb '18

If you're fed up with those uncontrollable loose hairs in your dreads? Here's how to tighten up your dreadlocks.


  • Start by finding the loose hair you want to work on. 
  • Add Lock Powder and rub the hair in circular movements until the hair tangles into a hairball. 

Now you are ready to work the hairball into the dreadlock. We prefer a crochet latch hook

  • We always start with a little bigger crochet latch hook 0.7-1.0mm. to get more hair into the dreadlock, and save time. 
  • Carefully work in the loose hair to the dreadlock from all angles. 
  • When the loose hair is inside the dreadlock, we begin to tighten the dreadlock with a smaller crochet latch hook size 0.5-0.75mm. 


Continue with the crochet latch hook until you feel the dreadlock is as tight and smooth as you like. 

Finish off by rolling the dreadlock so the new knots will settle inside the dreadlock. You can use Tightening Gel while rolling which will give a firm hold.

Now it's your turn! :O) 

20 Feb '18

Dreads Palm Rolling Tutorial with RAW ROOTs Dreadlock Tightening Gel

Palm rolling is used to help new knots to get firm and tighten up, and it helps the dreadlock to stretch so it does not get bumps and loops. RAW ROOTs Aloe Manuka Dreadlocks Tightening Gel is a good product for palm rolling. 


  • Spray a couple of squirts of tightening gel into your palm. 
  • Take 1 or 2 dreadlocks between your palms and roll back and forth, while rolling and pushing your hands against each other. 
  • Hold the hair with 2 fingers at the roots if it hurts while rolling. 
  • Tightening Gel will keep the dreadlocks tight.

Palm rolling is super important maintenance to keep your dreadlocks tight, round and beautiful.

If you have new locks, palm roll them every day.