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Dreadz Dreadlock Shampoo Bars Just For Locs™ Dreadz Liquid Dreadlock Shampoos

Rasta Locks & Twist RAW ROOTs Dreadlock Products Dreadz Dreadlock Extensions

Knotty Boy production delay - coming soon Twisted Beez Stylin' Dredz Lock Friendly Spray Shampoo

RaggiLocks... Large selection available Handmade spiral hair beads... made with love :O) Fair Trade Head Wraps - Single - Double and Triple Wrap

  • Spend less time fussing.
  • Create and maintain beautiful locks in ANY hair type easier, faster and cleaner.
  • All-Natural Dreadlock Care products.
  • Pure ingredients, simple instructions, and limitless customer support.


Hair too fine? Unmanageable? Boring? You are not alone.

Through the ages, many have found dreadlocks to be both an expression of beliefs and culture, and a lifelong solution to frustrating hair.

Whatever your reason, create and maintain thick, healthy locks in ANY hair type easier, faster and cleaner.