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21 Apr '18

Q? Is it true that you shouldn't wash or shampoo brand new dreadlocks?

Q? Is it true that you shouldn't wash or shampoo brand new dreadlocks?One of the possible dilemmas that someone whose just had their dreadlocks made, is the question: To Wash... or Not To Wash... A very good question indeed. And on the face of it, you might think that washing brand new dreads would be a definite no no... and for some people they hold this as true. 

But... the truth is, it is perfectly okay to wash your new dreads after they have been done, and it is more than okay to do so. You can wait a few days to do it, or even leave it a week before you shampoo them if you have any concerns, but the washing of recently made dreadlocks is definitely not a problem. 

This question also falls into the same category of thought that people without dreads, and not in the dreadhead community, have as a misconception about people with dreads. And that is one of cleanliness and hygiene. People without their hair in locs commonly basically assume that dreadies can't possibly wash their dreads, and therefore don't wash their dreads. 

And to look at dreads, one might initially think the same thing, asking "Q? How on earth can you wash them?" This is a huge assumption! And one of total and utter complete ignorance. The care of both your hair, and your scalp, does not, and should not stop after you have had your dreads done.

It's very likely that before you had your dreads done, you were washing your hair and your head on a weekly or more regular basis, and you were probably doing this for a very good reason... to keep your hair and head clean and in good condition. This is still just as vital and important after getting your dreads done, as it was before. 

Having your hair dreaded doesn't change the fact that your head and scalp continue to produce oils, and that the environment continues to contaminate your hair and scalp. Hair and head hygiene doesn't stop... just 'cos you have had dreads done and became a dreadhead. An ongoing hair care and scalp routine is important... particularly if you don't want to be thought of, or accused of having smelly dreads. 

And perhaps part of this myth that you cannot wash dreads, springs from the unfounded idea that if you wash your dreads, they will be totally ruined and destroyed. Again this comes from a place of ignorance, and unknowing. They think that doing that will completely trash and destroy all of the hard work, time, effort and money that you have put into having your dreads, done... and therefore a complete waste of money. But this isn't the case at all! 

One of the values that dreadheads and people of a similar lifestyle have, is the consideration of the environment, and the impact and consequences of their choices and actions upon the environment, and how they might do so, in an environmentally friendly way, so as to now add to the continual contamination, pollution, and destruction of our planet... the only one we have. 

Some people choose to wash their dreads in just water, and not use any products or topical treatments on their hair, and that is perfectly fine. But if you do decide that just water isn't quite enough for you, then choosing a shampoo and conditioner to wash your dreadlocks in, is your next step. 

And to fit in with your environmentally friendly beliefs and values, when it comes to rinsing any shampoo and conditioner out of your dreads, and the resulting soaps suds being washed down the the sink or bath plug hole... Natural Organic hair shampoo and conditioners are the way to go. 

We highly recommend that you continue to wash your hair, as frequently as you used to before you had your dreadlocks done. Your scalp has adjusted to your routine of washing, and a change in that will confuse your scalp and its production of skin oil. 

A lot of washing might cause loose hair or more maintenance on your locks, but over all, it's best to stick to your normal washing routine. We do recommend that you use a clean, organic shampoo, without perfume. 

And for this we highly recommend: RAW ROOTs or Dreadz Shampoo Bars or Dreadz Liquid shampoos... you choose:

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