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Mane Tamer Dreadlock Wax and Dreadz Lavender Dread Shampoo Bar DUO Pack Combo Kit (Style 4) shown against blue fish printed drawstring bag

Dreadz Dreadlock Mane Tamer WAX & Lavender Shampoo Bar DUO (Style 4)


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1 x Drawstring Pouch
This small Cotton with Nylon drawstring pouch blue fish print bag is an ideal size for keeping your dread wax and shampoo stylishly safe and sound.

1 x Mane Tamer Dreadlocking Wax (55ml)
This gentle wax will allow dreadlocks to move and knot naturally rather than glueing the whole dread in place which can cause problems with build-up and cracking later and even slow the dreading process down.

Although this is a small pot it will last a very long time. Use very sparingly and see amazing results from this super-rich formulation.

1 x Dreadz Dreadlock Shampoo Bar (85gm) - Lavender
A popular shampoo bar for washing Dreadlocks, keeping your dreads looking great and your scalp healthy and problem free. without leaving residue... just light, bouncy, Lavender scented dreads.

  • 72% Certified organic ingredients.
  • Vegan.
  • No animal testing.
  • Free from sulphates, parabens, GMO, perfume, colours, propylene glycol.

This is no ordinary soap... far from it. It has a large percentage of organic Lavender essential oil which, added to its Glycerine and Aloe Vera base makes it an amazingly good cleanser for your face as well as your body and scalp. It naturally hydrates while it cleanses leaving your face, body and hair soft and glowing with health.

All our soap keeps well for up to 2 years when kept wrapped or in an airtight container and in ambient dry conditions. When unwrapped keep well drained for soap to last longer.

This DUO is not suitable for those with a nut allergy. Those who are allergic to plants in the daisy or aster family, (known as Asteraceae or Compositae) may also have an allergic reaction to the calendula extract in the dreadlock wax product.

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[ Legal Disclaimer: Dreadz is not responsible for any person's skin/scalp reaction to any ingredients.

If you have not tried this product before, please conduct a small, 24-hour patch test behind your ear or inside your elbow, to ensure that it is safe and appropriate for you to continue. ]