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Providing the best in Dreadlock Products, Tools & Accessories


[ N.B. this list of independent salons & locticians is for informational purposes only, and is not a recommendation for any salon or service ]


Northern Ireland

North East

West Midlands

Yorkshire & Humber

North West



East Midlands

East of England

South East

South West


Scotland [ Glasgow - Edinburgh ]

Raving Locks
[ Southside, Glasgow, Scotland ]

G3 8GF
Tel: 07542109784
Email: laurucka22@yahoo.com

Professional Dreadlocks Services: Extensions, Maintenance, Dreadlocks Creation, Partial Locks.

RAVING LOCKS offer professional dreadlocks services in our relaxed an friendly studio located at Glasgow's famous Hidden Lane in Finnieston.

If you want to create, extend, color, restyle or just simply fix your dreadlocks don't hesitate to contact us. Experienced and qualified dreadlocks artists Laura & Lucy will be able to give you advice and help to create the dreadlocks you have always dreamed of.

Opening hours:
Thursday to Monday 10:00am - 7:00pm

Make sure to call ahead as visits are by appointment only.

Maintenance usually takes up around 1 or 2 hours (depending on how messy the dreads are)

*Full head of dreadlocks without extensions up to 3 hours
*Full head of dreadlocks with extensions (human hair or synthetic) 3-5 hours depending on the length of dreadlocks

Just roots can be tidied up or roots + dreadlocks 'body'.

We always offer dreadlocks aftercare advice and help you to look after your dreadlocks properly.

The prices starts from £20 per hour.

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Dreadlock fixing and making, extending
[ Leith, Edinburgh, Scotland ]

Leith, Edinburgh.

Tel: 07404581282
Facebook: dreadlockfixing

Dreadlock fixing, making and extending. If you want your dreadlock, just you need to start the contact to me.

  • Dread fixing From 50 pounds
  • Dread making From 200 pounds
  • Dread extending From 200 pounds

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Northern Ireland [ Belfast ]

[ Sydenham, Belfast, Northern Ireland ]

Tel: 07598018855
Web: www.crafty-belfast.com
Facebook: CraftyBelfastHQ

Dreadlocks Ladies and Gents Long or Short in a variety of colours.

Dreadlock appointments available at our creative salon by Emma Gilles.
Telephone or Text 07598018855 to book in free cappuccino or we have a full bar menu too!

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North East [ Newcastle - Tyne & Wear ]

Urban Halo
[ Newcastle, North East ]

65 Birchwood Avenue
High Heaton
Tel: 07779 015 836
Email: info@urban-halo.com
Web: urban-halo.com

Dreads, Braids, Synthetic Extensions & Accessories.

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[ Tyne and Wear, North East ]

Gateshead NE10
Tel: 07985213984
Email: dreadquartershair@hotmail.com

- Dreadlocks from new from - £140 - £160
- Root Maintenance from - £40 - £60
- Root Maintenance and dread tidy (root tidy and going down the whole dreadlock and pulling in all loose hairs to give a nice solid dread look) from - £60
- Dreadlock Rescue from - £60 (consultation required)
- Dreadlock Extensions to Natural dreads 100% Human Hair - £150

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North West [ Lancs. - Blackpool - Cheshire - Gtr. Manchester ]

[ Lancashire, North West ]

M16 8LD
Tel: 07851217500
Email: Rhi dredilocks@live.com

Here at DrediLocks we offer the best of the best dread love. With over 10 years experience in dread maintenance, we don't use any nasty products; just a crochet hook, comb and the force (of course) to give you the best, most natural and comfortable Dredi experience possible.

We offer a variety of services suitable for any hair type:
* Root touch ups.
* Restoration of weak dreads.
* Round off tips.
* Extensions with synthetic and real hair.
* Temporary and permanent installation of wool and synthetic dreads.
* Dreaded beards.
* Hair wraps. Permanent and detachable.
* Dread accessories. Hand made beads, charms and crochet hooks.

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Crafter Elena
[ Lancashire, North West ]

The Ropeworks
Unit 6
Stanbank Street
Heaton Chapel
Tel: 07510336436
Email: crafterelena@gmail.com
Web: crafterelena.com
Fb: Crafterelena

Price list...
Dreads from scratch: From £150
Dreads from scratch with extensions: From £250
Dread maintenance: From £40 depending on how much work they need

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Jed Technique
[ Lancashire, North West ]

25 Ayres Road
M16 9WA
Tel: 0161 232 9521

Provide dreading service to do your dreads for you.

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Monarch Dreads
[ Blackpool, North West ]

Tel: 07928 182714
Email: MonarchDreads@yahoo.co.uk

~ Wool Dreadlocks
~ Permanent Dreadlocks (Tidy sessions, Extensions and Installations)

Prices start from £20 for Dread Maintenance, and from £70 for a full head of Natural Dreads.

I also make human hair extension, please contact me for a quote.

Advice is given gratis, so if you run into any snags (even if your set wasn't done by my hand, I'm always happy to help).

Dread Extensions: I also make temporary dreads from wool.

Prices start from £90 for extensions, and from £30 for a bring your own dreads job.

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Dreads By Ed's
[ Lancashire, North West ]

36 Knutsford Avenue
Heaton Chapel
Mob: 07913300494

SO! have you been imagining or dreaming about getting some funky dreadlocks, but have not had the chance, opportunity or even the nerve to get them done. Look no further and dream no longer.

Dreads By Ed's offers a totally unique dreadlocking experience. Before we get started we will spend as much time as you need discussing the look you are wanting to nurture, and anything else that will ensure your happiness and give you the finished look just as you have imagined.

Dreadlocking is a timely process and your comfort is really important to me. In order to make your time enjoyable I offer movies, music, sketching and reading. You will be sitting on a large comfy sofa overlooking a green valley with a free supply of freshly made Coffee, Tea including green, black, white and herbal, water plus some energy snack to keep you revitalised.

My method is au naturel with no chemicals, glues or waxes. I use the crocheting method to form instant groovy locks.

Services include:
- Full Head of dreadlocks
- Single dreadlocks
- Dreadlock extensions
- Dreadlock Maintenance
- Braiding

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Manchester Dreadlock Factory
[ Lancashire, North West ]

Tel: 07473050894
Email: mcrdreadlockfactory@gmail.com

Roots only (2h) - £35 (£25-discounted)

Full tidyup (3-4 h) - £60 (£40-discounted)

Tidyup plus (5-6h) - £80 (£60-discounted)

Short hair (above shoulders) - £100
Medium hair (shoulder length)- £150
Long hair (mid-back ) - £180
Long hair+ (below mid-back) - £210

SINGLE dreadlock (less than 10 total)
for any other requests, contact me for an offer
1 dreadlock- £5
1 dreadlock with extension (bring your own) - £7
1 dreadlock with extension for length - £10

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Faerie Dreads
[ Cheshire, North West ]

Cheshire West and Chester
Email: singforthemoment@live.co.uk

Full head of natural dreads: £90-150 depending on hair length.

Full head of naturals + human hair extensions: from £275, custom order quotes available on request.

Set of 60 crocheted synthetics: £75. Quotes for custom orders for more or less dreads available on request.

Maintenance: £10 per hour (£20 minimum).

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Moon's Emporium
[ Greater Manchester, North West ]

Tel: 07450432985
Email: codyjane@live.co.uk

Wool dreadlocks -
shoulder length £65
mid chest £75
waist length £85
hip length £95.

Permanent wool extensions install -
£150 (not including price of the extensions).

Natural dreadlocks -
short £60
shoulder length £80
mid back £100
waist length £150

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Yorkshire and the Humber
[ Scarborough - Leeds ]

[ Scarborough, Yorkshire and the Humber ]

YO12 7SY
Tel: 07870466465
Email: chloe.pickup@hotmail.com

Full head:
£100 per day 10am - 6pm

Half Head:
£50 half day (4hrs)

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Dreadlocks Rasta
[ Leeds, West Yorkshire ]

Looking For Someone To Dread Your Hair?

Need A Help With Maintenance?

* Back Combing And Crochet Method
* Extensions
* Affordable
* Friendly Atmosphere
* Over 15 Years Experience

For More Info And Booking Call Paulina On: 07786320240.

Email: Rastapaula@o2.pl
Fb: Rasta Paula

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Wales [ Gwynedd - Cardiff ]

Shardà Schwartz
[ Llwyngwril, Gwynedd, Wales ]

Based in the Gwynedd area.

Email: s.m.schwartz@hotmail.com
Tel: 07506289058

I charge £10 an hour.

I install natural and synthetic dreads.

I Maintain existing dreads and also remove dreads.

I also apply wraps to dreads.

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Dreadlocks by Roots Natura
[ Cardiff, Wales ]

Maintenance and Creation (whole head or individuals)

Email: dreadlocksbyrootsnatura@gmail.com
: 07983390815

Need your dreads tidying up, or want some new ones put in?
Friendly, female with over 10 years experience of maintaining and creating dreadlocks with afro and fine hair, in and around the the Cardiff area.
Crochet hook, back combing and palm rolling techniques used.


  • maintenance of existing dreadlocks
  • creation of new dreadlocks - single or whole head
  • real and faux extensions and re-attachments
  • beads and accessories

Mobile service available.
Fair prices, great service and helpful aftercare advice.

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West Midlands
[ Birmingham - Worcestershire ]

Finelocks Dreadlocks
[ Birmingham, West Midlands ]

Based in: Birmingham
Tel: 07896 853 261
Email: finelocks@yahoo.co.uk

- Grow neat locks on all hair types
- Maintain roots of existing locks
- Specialist in the installation and maintenance of small / medium size locks on all types of hair.

For further information contact Elaine.

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[ Worcestershire, West Midlands ]

Tel: 07774 687 738
Web: foxylocksdreadlocks.co.uk

Foxylocks is a mobile dreadlocking service, making and creating dreadlocks using many different materials.

The technique I use is very effective and gives a look which is very well established and maintained, No wax or chemicals.

What ever look you want. How ever messy your locks are, Foxylocks can take on the challenge!

I am based in Worcestershire, but I am happy to travel.

* Dreads from new
* Dread tidy ups
* Dread extensions
* Felt/ wool dreads
* Non permanent dreads
* Dread decoration & beads

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East Midlands
[ Derbys. - Notts. - Bucks. - Leics. ]

Natural Solutions Hair Salon
[ Derbyshire, East Midlands ]

12 Guide Post
Nether Heage
DE56 2AQ
Tel: 0177 385 7020

Provide dreading service to do your dreads for you.

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Christy Dreadhead Services
[ Derbyshire, East Midlands ]

Tel: 07899951403
Email: christydred@live.com

8 years experience working with African Caribbean hair and Caucasian hair.

Services in Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, South Yorkshire.

Offering new dreads, repair and maintenance, extensions on new or existing, synthetics, decorations, removal, styling, thickening.

Free consultation:
£10 ph + travel costs dependent on mileage.

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Elite Nine Hair Clinic
[ Nottingham, East Midlands ]

The Glasshouse
Unit 6
Union Road
Tel: 0115 947 0490
Mob: 07522 210 649
Web: nefertitis.co.uk/dreadlocks.html

Alexie provides a full dreadlocking application and after care service with the making and maintenance of dreadlocks through either crochet needles or the waxing process.

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[ Buckinghamshire, East Midlands ]

Milton Keynes
MK16 8DJ
Tel: Angie - 07723334413
Email: dreadendz@gmail.com

We offer a unique dreading service, doing full or half heads as well as touch ups, roots & all kinds of dread maintenance at a time to suit you.

For no more dready dramas.

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Natty Natty Dreadlocks
[ Leicester, East Midlands ]

Babingley Drive
Tel: 0116 2991019
Email: BhavikPlayDrums@outlook.com

Hourly rate is £20p/h.

Full head dreads will need a consultation before a quote.

Maintenance is around £50 depending on the client.

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Afro Hairdresser
[ Leicester, East Midlands ]

Weave Box Braids Twist Dreadlocks MOBILE HAIR EXTENSIONS

Tel: 07708710118

AFFORDABLE PRICES!! - CONTACT for more information

Dedicated to providing a quality HAIR EXTENSION SERVICE for ALL HAIR TYPES & RACES in and around Leicestershire

Styles Include:
~ Weave/Tracks
~ Braids/Twists
~ Crotchet/Tree Braids
~ Cornrow
~ Dreadlocks
And Many More!

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East of England [ Cambs. - Suffolk - Essex - Herts. - Gt. Ymth - Norwich ]

Diane Hair International
[ Cambridgeshire, East of England ]

4 / 5 Cobbles Yard
Grafton Centre
Napier Street
Tel: 0122 331 1112

Provide dreading service to do your dreads for you.

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Elemental Locks
[ Cambridgeshire, East of England ]

Tel: 07738265913
Email: jordan-kimberley@live.co.uk

Very experienced, mobile Dread locktician based in Cambridgeshire.

Services include:
* Professional natural dreadlock installation
* Permanent human hair dread extensions
* Synthetic dread extensions
* Maintenance
* temporary Synthetic and Wool dread extensions, kits and falls
* synthetic dread Installation

Most services are £15 per hour or by consultation.

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Dread Mechanic
[ Cambridgeshire, East of England ]

Dreadlock and Hair Services alongside a variety of Handcrafted Accessories.

Tel: 07902611467

I am a freelance Dread Doctor based in Cambridgeshire, I provide Dreadlock and Hair restoration services among a variety of hand made crafts, please message me on Facebook for any information, quotes or friendly advice.

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Hypknotic Transformations 
[ Cambridgeshire, East of England ]


Web: www.hypknotic.org

Two very experienced ladies providing a professional service specialising in the creation and upkeep of:
~ 100% natural dreadlocks, extensions and removal.
~ Brushable hair extensions.
~ Temporary synthetic dreads.
~ Installation and creation of wool wraps, braids, accessories.

.........and everything else Hypknotic!

~ Each person will receive their unique tailor made creation to match specific needs and their vision of dream dreads.
~ Locks will be treated with love and respect.
~ Great prices for professional work.

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Dawn Of The Dread Dreadlock Design
[ Suffolk, East of England ]

Pandorum Unisex Hair Salon
65 Ipswich Street
IP14 1BA
Tel: (preferred) - 01449 258208 - 07805820601 (txt only)

Working with dreadlocks for over 8 years.

Services available:-
* Make dreadlocks
* Maintain dreadlocks
* Repair dreadlocks
* Extend dreadlocks
* Remove dreadlocks

I do not use wax or any other products in the making of dreadlocks just a comb and a crochet hook.

~ 0-1 hour £25
~ 2 hours £30
~ 3 hours £40
~ 4 hours £50

Anything over 4 hours is priced at £12.50 per hour.

For extensions please drop me a message for a quote.

Check out my Facebook page to see all my work and customer feedback.

I have many years experience in this line of work and I'm happy to answer any questions you may have.

Consultations can be done online or we can arrange one to be done in person (no charge).

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[ Essex, East of England ]

Covering: Essex, Herts and Cambs.
Tel: 07883846617
Email: dreadlolly@live.co.uk

DreadLolly bring you a great dreadlocking and maintenance service, using nothing more than a crochet hook and finetooth comb *NO WAX*.

We are a Mobile service so all work can be done in the comfort of your own home, or you are always welcome to join us, either way you receive a friendly , professional and reliable service.

Rates - Locking from scratch - £15p/h
Maintenance - £10p/h
(travel costs are met by the client)

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Tribal Locks
[ Essex, East of England ]

Tel: 07950955303
Email: michellegladwin20@googlemail.com

£150 full head with extensions.
£130 full head long hair.
£100 full head short hair.

Individual dreads £4 each.
Hair wraps £5 each.

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The Royal Dread
[ Essex, East of England ]

2 Albany Gardens
Tel: 07519649082
Email: Royal-velvet11@hotmail.com

Dreadlock maintenance... Root tidies... Full tidies... Fixing damages £10ph

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Nubian Hair Studio
[ Essex, East of England ]

35 Broomfield Road
Tel: 01245 355633
Email: avrilsolarin@aol.co.uk

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Velkro Studios
[ Hertfordshire, East of England ]

Tel: 07920 400 448
Email: ozzleach@gmail.com
Web: myspace.com/velkrostudios

Offering super tight dreads using a combination of backcombing and crochet knotting, meaning your dreads wont just fall out like a lot of salon dreads. Customers are free to bring films or music to play whilst getting dreaded and are provided with cups of tea at regular intervals!

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Afro Euro Hair & Beauty & Holistic Centre
[ Hertfordshire, East of England ]

142 Nightingale Road
Tel: 01462 33 73 74
Mob: 07818 74 94 40

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Get Dready
[ Great Yarmouth, East of England ]

Based in: Bradwell, Great Yarmouth
Tel: 07923 577 176 or 07826-622-585
Email: munkey69@btinternet.com

- New locks
- Maintenance
- Extensions (human hair, synthetic and wool)
- Accessories

I use backcomb and crochet hook techniques for great, instant results that will last.

Instant, natural looking 'locks.

New locks: £10 per hour
Maintenance: £7.50 per hour
Synthetics/woolies/human hair: £10 per hour +cost of materials.

No wax or chemicals.

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Blue Bramble Dreads
[ Norwich, East of England ]

Based in: Norwich
Tel: 07816987923
Email: bluebramble@rocketmail.com
Web: dreads.bluebramble.com

Would you like new dreads?
Your dreads a bit of a mess?
Would you like your dreads to be longer?
Have you got weak spots or loops in your dreads that need fixing?
We can sort this all out!
We make dreads from scratch with no wax, no products of any kind, just a comb and a crochet needle. No mess and no fuzz, just perfect dreads from day one!
We can make extensions using 100% human hair to look seamless with your natural hair giving you the length you've always wanted.
Have you got messy roots? We can sort this out so your roots look gorgeous again.
Weak spots? Damage from bad dread maintenance, such as elastic bands or flipping through the roots? Don't worry, this can be fixed so your dreads look and feel tight, strong and wonderful again!

Check out our website for photos of our work and for customer reviews :)

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DreadyGirl Dreadlocks [ London ]

Central London
Tel: 07546-800-482
Email: DreadyGirl.Dreadlocks@gmail.com

Organic Natural Dreadlocks
Dreadlock Installation, Maintenance, Repair & Extensions

Crochet hook only - No wax/No looping!

Synthetic Dreadlocks
Synthetic, Cyber & Wool Dreadlocks

Don't hesitate to call/email for more information, advice or to arrange a free consultation.

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DreadLoverz [ London ]

To see some photos of my work or info:
Email: anarkoseryx@hotmail.it

I am a dreadmaker with 8 years of experience!
I live in London in Brixton...

- Dreadlocks
- Dread Extensions
- Maintenance
- Crocheted Synthetic Dreads
- Double Ended Dread
- Single Ended

Crochet hook only. No wax/No looping!

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StudioMarley Dreadlocks [ London ]

Tel: 07981008170
Email: StudioMarley@gmail.com

StudioMarley is based in Central London and specialises in making dreadlocks from scratch, repairing and maintaining dreadlocks, extending new or existing dreads and synthetic or cyber temporary dreadlocks. You will be able to see and feel the experience 13 years has given me in the quality of my work. No chemicals - No wax!

Free consultation and advice available.

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Premiere Dreadz [ London ]

47 Anerley Road
Crystal Palace
SE19 2AS
Tel: 0203 475 8735
Mob: 07572 501 416

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HS Hair Salon [ London ]

232 Camden High Street
Tel: 0207 482 4824

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Aquarius Internation Stylists [ London ]

9 Stroud Green Road
N4 2DQ
Tel: 020 7263 2483

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Camden Locks Hair & Beauty Ltd [ London ]

No. 11 Chalk Farm Road
Tel: 0207 284 4247 / 0207 284 4257
Web: camdenlocks.com

Open 10am - 7.30pm

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Morris Roots [ London ]

184 Tooting High Street
SW17 0SF
Tel: 020 8672 8003
Web: morris-roots.com

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Amina Kadia Hair [ London ]

9 Frognal Place
158 Finchley Road
Tel: 0207 435 9713
Email: amina@aminakadia.com
Web: aminakadia.com

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First Impressions [ London ]

67 Sheen Lane
SW14 8AD
Tel: 0208 876 0888

Provide dreading service to do your dreads for you.

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South East [ East Sussex - Berks. - West Berks. - Hants. - Oxford - Surrey ]

Dreadmonkey [ East Sussex, South East ]

76 Islingword St.
East Sussex
Tel: 07966352120
Email: dreadmonkey@hotmail.co.uk
Web: dreadmonkey.co.uk

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Elijah Dread [ East Sussex, South East ]

Based around Brighton but will travel to:
- Kent
- Medway
- Surrey
- West Sussex; and
- London
Tel: 07548165958 [ between 10am and 6pm ]
Email: michellegladwin20@googlemail.com

Specialist in full head dreadlocks from scratch but all services undertaken.

£25 ph.
Maintenance considered upon consultation.

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Supreme Style [ Berkshire, South East ]

154 Oxford Road
Tel: 0118 962 3431

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Hair and Beautydirect 2 You Ltd. [ Berkshire, South East ]

109-111 Broad Street Mall
Tel: 0118 959 9420

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JataDreads [ Reading, Berkshire, South East ]

Reading, Berkshire.

Web: jatadreads.com

If you have locked hair and would like a tidy up or if you would like to start locking your hair, then please get in touch.

My set fee is £10 per hour

If you wish to know more about me please check out my blog, Jata Dreads on Wordpress or my Facebook Page, JataDreads.

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Temptress Dreads [ West Berkshire, South East ]

Milton Keynes
MK16 8DJ
Email: temptressdreads86@gmail.com

Area base is anywhere within a 100-mile radius of Hungerford as long as fuel is covered and pricing is dependant on clients hair length etc.

Tidies start from £40+
new locks start at £80+
I offer synthetic and real hair dread extenders, dread decoration service and synthetic and felt dread extensions.

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Trendsetters [ Hampshire, South East ]

34 Bargate Centre
SO14 1HF
Tel: 02380 338 976
Web: trendsettersuk.com

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Tame Your Mane [ Hampshire, South East ]

190 Above Bar Street
SO14 7DW
Tel: 0238 033 4387

Provide dreading service to do your dreads for you.

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Crystals [ Hampshire, South East ]

74 Fawcett Road
Tel: 0239 273 8846

Provide dreading service to do your dreads for you.

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Em's Dreadlocks [ Hampshire, South East ]

Tel: 07895222691
Email: info@domydreads.com

Experienced and friendly mobile dreadlock loctician services for all hair types based in the Midlands but can travel nationwide to you. Only non harmful NON CROCHET techniques used for installation with NO nasty chemicals such as wax, dread perms or glue! Give your dreads the best start without wasting your time and money or more importantly... ruining your hair!

I use various techniques to help revive poorly dreads and general root maintenance dependant on hair type and dread maturity. So rest assured that your dreads are getting the best possible care for their needs at that time.

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[ Velkro Studios North/West Oxfordshire Branch South East ]

Tel: 07846070513
Email: matthewgidman@hotmail.co.uk

Neat, tight, natural locks, using a thorough crochet hook technique. Call Matt on 07846070513 to book an appointment for installation, maintenance or general advice. Any style catered for, I spend a long time getting dreads to meet the customers' wills and charge good prices for the hours involved :O)

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Hair at Home by Madge [ Surrey, South East ]

8 The Spinney
Ripley Road
GU23 7LH
Tel: 0148 321 2616

Provide dreading service to do your dreads for you.

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South West
[ Bristol - Devon - Cornwall ]

Destiny Jukes [ Bristol, South West ]

Valley View
North Road
Leigh Woods
Tel: 0117-2799-716
Mob: 07880-565-534
Email: originaldaizy@gmail.com

See some of Destiny's very skilled handiwork here.

Services: Dreadlocks.

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Shanti Knots [ Bristol, South West ]

Based in: Horfield/Bishopston, Bristol
Tel: 07885 214 121
Email: shantiknots@hotmail.co.uk

Services: Dreadlocks and Alternative hair design available in Bristol, Stroud, London, Suffolk, or anywhere you have a chair handy.

Dread doctor and loctician specialising in custom dreadlocks and unique hairstyles such as: wool dread extensions, synthetic dreadlocks and braids, seamless dread extensions, and tailor made dramatic hair styles using a wide variety of fibres.

For dreadlocks I use the crocheting technique to provide an instant natural dreadlock look, with the added benefits of: ready-to-lock dreadlocks, minimal fluff and fuzz, a style that won't fall out when you wash your hair, and no need to use wax or glue or toothpaste or any other strange products.

I really enjoy a challenge and no problem is too big for me, so if you have holes, fallen off dreads, thinning at the roots, matted chaos, or and other dread disasters, I'm your gal!!

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Rosie Locks Dreads [ Bristol, South West ]

Based in: Bristol and South West
Tel: 07512 552 960 Weekdays 10am - 9pm
Email: info@rosielocks.com
Web: rosielocks.com

Hello. Please check out my brand new website for more information and extensive galleries. I am currently expanding my business and will soon be selling my decorative wool dreads (Deco Dreads™) through my online shop.

I have 14 Years Experience working with natural techniques and dread-related styles including:

  • Dreadlocks
  • Dread Extensions
  • Maintenance and Tidy Ups
  • Wool Dreads and Yarn Braids
  • Synthetic Crocheted Dreads
  • Accessories... and more

I'm based in Bristol with a UK wide client base. Contact me for friendly advice or to book an appointment and please visit my website for photos, info testimonials and FAQs... and The Tale of Rosie Locks and the Stray Hairs!!!

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No.Mouse Dreads [ Bristol, South West ]

Tel: 07738003400
Facebook: facebook.com/No.MouseDreads

  • Dreading
  • Full heads
  • Single Dreads
  • Extensions
  • Mantenance
  • False Dreads
  • Accessories

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Dread 121 [ Bristol, South West ]

Tel: 07986 248 080
Email: dread121@hotmail.co.uk
Web: click to see Dread 121 services & work

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Dreads 'n' Threads [ Bristol, South West ]

Tel: 07501657141

Web: www.dreadsnthreads.circularsoul.co.uk

Facebook: facebook.com/DreadsnThreadsBristol/

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Josie's Hair & Beauty Collection [ Devon, South West ]

9 Fleet Street
Tel: 0180 320 3331
Web: josieshairandbeautycollection.co.uk

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Dudes [ Devon, South West ]

92 North Hill
Clifton Place
Tel: 01752 255 504

Dudes stock Knotty Boy at this shop, and provide dreading service to do your dreads for you.

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Abi (qualified loctician) [ Devon, South West ]

39a Mutley Plain
Tel: 01752 660482 / 07909 665951

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Knots Knormal [ Devon, South West ]

Based near Plymouth however I will travel for fuel cost in Devon and Cornwall
Tel: 07748 192639
Email: knotsknormaldreadlocks@yahoo.co.uk

Services include:
* Brand new locks.
* Dread maintenance (tidy ups).
* Beads, coils and other accessories.
* Extensions (synthetic hair, human hair, and wool/felt).
* Temporary/non permanent dreads.
* Wash service done with a 'no poo' (no shampoo) natural recipe with essential oils.
* Dread removal service.
* I use backcomb primarily but can crochet on request to create tidy, instant locks that look and feel awesome!

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Dudes [ Cornwall, South West ]

30 Fore Street
Tel: 01637 859 795

Dudes stock Knotty Boy at this shop, and provide dreading service to do your dreads for you.

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Nicole Wright

Tel: 0790 336 1583

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Crowning Glory (Mobile)

Tel: 07956 572 873

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Dreaded Styles

Email: dreadedcraft@outlook.com

# New dreads install
# Natural dread tightening
# Human hair dread extensions
# Human double or single ended dreads
# Synthetic dread extensions
# Synthetic double or single ended dreads
# Dread Coloring / Stripping
# Cyber dreads / Falls

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Hair Extensions By Maris [ Malta ]

98 St. Thomas Street
Tel: 21 24 90 55

Provide dreading service to do your dreads for you.


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