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Dreadlock Hairdressers & Locticians Bristol Devon Cornwall South West UK

[ N.B. this list of independent salons & locticians is for informational purposes only, and is not a recommendation for any salon or service ]

Devon locticians - Cornwall locticians

Bristol locticians

Vichi Rymes - Dreadlocks, Braids, Weave-On, Extensions, Cornrows & Make-Up

Destiny Jukes
Valley View
North Road
Leigh Woods
Tel: 0117-2799-716
Mob: 07880-565-534
Email: originaldaizy@gmail.com

See some of Destiny's very skilled craft here.


  • Dreads maintenance (tidy up).
  • Brand new locks.
  • Kids and adult braids.
  • Weave on (extension).
  • Corn rows.
  • I use my hands and comb for dreading (twist and lock) and I style too.
  • I use dread wax and lock for dreading and a little cream together gives your dread a long lasting - Lock and shine.
  • Artificial dreads with extension.
  • Long and full dreads.
  • Short and medium length.
  • Tinting / dying.
  • Box braids.

Shanti Knots

Based in: Horfield/Bishopston, Bristol
Tel: 07885 214 121
Email: shantiknots@hotmail.co.uk

Services: Dreadlocks and Alternative hair design available in Bristol, Stroud, London, Suffolk, or anywhere you have a chair handy.

Dread doctor and loctician specialising in custom dreadlocks and unique hairstyles such as: wool dread extensions, synthetic dreadlocks and braids, seamless dread extensions, and tailor made dramatic hair styles using a wide variety of fibres.

For dreadlocks I use the crocheting technique to provide an instant natural dreadlock look, with the added benefits of: ready-to-lock dreadlocks, minimal fluff and fuzz, a style that won't fall out when you wash your hair, and no need to use wax or glue or toothpaste or any other strange products.

I really enjoy a challenge and no problem is too big for me, so if you have holes, fallen off dreads, thinning at the roots, matted chaos, or and other dread disasters, I'm your gal!!

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Rosie Locks Dreads

Based in: Bristol and South West
Tel: 07512 552 960 Weekdays 10am - 9pm
Email: info@rosielocks.com
Web: rosielocks.com

Hello. Please check out my brand new website for more information and extensive galleries. I am currently expanding my business and will soon be selling my decorative wool dreads (Deco Dreads™) through my online shop.

I have 14 Years Experience working with natural techniques and dread-related styles including:

  • Dreadlocks
  • Dread Extensions
  • Maintenance and Tidy Ups
  • Wool Dreads and Yarn Braids
  • Synthetic Crocheted Dreads
  • Accessories... and more

I'm based in Bristol with a UK wide client base. Contact me for friendly advice or to book an appointment and please visit my website for photos, info testimonials and FAQs... and The Tale of Rosie Locks and the Stray Hairs!!!

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No.Mouse Dreads

Tel: 07738003400
Facebook: facebook.com/No.MouseDreads

  • Dreading
  • Full heads
  • Single Dreads
  • Extensions
  • Mantenance
  • False Dreads
  • Accessories

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Dread 121

Tel: 07986 248 080
Email: dread121@hotmail.co.uk
Web: click to see Dread 121 services & work

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Dreads 'n' Threads

Tel: 07501657141
Web: Dreads 'n' Threads Bristol
Facebook: facebook.com/DreadsnThreadsBristol/

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Devon locticians

Josie's Hair & Beauty Collection

9 Fleet Street
Tel: 0180 320 3331
Web: www.josieshair.co.uk

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92 North Hill
Clifton Place
Tel: 01752 255 504

Dudes provide dreading service to do your dreads for you.

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Abi (qualified loctician)

39a Mutley Plain
Tel: 01752 660482 / 07909 665951

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Knots Knormal

Based near Plymouth however I will travel for fuel cost in Devon and Cornwall
Tel: 07748 192639
Email: knotsknormaldreadlocks@yahoo.co.uk

Services include:

  • Brand new locks.
  • Dread maintenance (tidy ups).
  • Beads, coils and other accessories.
  • Extensions (synthetic hair, human hair, and wool/felt).
  • Temporary/non permanent dreads.
  • Wash service done with a 'no poo' (no shampoo) natural recipe with essential oils.
  • Dread removal service.
  • I use backcomb primarily but can crochet on request to create tidy, instant locks that look and feel awesome!

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Cornwall locticians


30 Fore Street
Tel: 01637 859 795

Dudes provide dreading service to do your dreads for you.

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