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19 Feb '18

How to get rid of head lice in Dreadlocks with Creeps Tincture from RAW ROOTs

RAW ROOTs Dreadlock Creeps Tincture (For Head Lice) is a natural head lice treatment made of Quassia Bark Extract, Organic Tea Tree, and Lemon Eucalyptus Oil. 

It's a very easy to use spray, with need no combing or washing. It is suitable for all hair types, including both natural hair and children's hair, but is especially suitable for dreadlocks. 

Directions - how to use the creeps tincture: 

  • Use disposable plastic gloves. 
  • Spray tincture all over the scalp. 
  • Make sure to cover the scalp completely with the tincture. 
  • The tincture can also be used to prevent lice, not just to treat them. 
  • To prevent lice, the tincture can be regularly applied in small doses. 
  • Give your scalp a nice little massage to make sure the tincture is distributed evenly. 
  • Cover with plastic film, or a disposable shower cap. 
  • Leave it for one hour. 
  • After one hour, remove the plastic film or shower cap. 
  • Simply let the tincture dry into your hair, or rinse with water. 
  • The treatment is done! And so are the lice! 
  • Repeat treatment after one week to make sure all eggs and nits are dead. 

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