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13 Aug '15

How to Increase the Thickness of Your Dreads, Making Your Dreadlocks Thicker...

How to Increase the Thickness of Your Dreads, Making Your Dreadlocks ThickerIncreasing the thickness of your dreadlocks is relatively easy when they are new: that is, a month or less old. Mature dreadlocks - 6 months or older - on the other hand, are slightly more difficult to thicken, but it is still doable. The best method of thickening dreads is to combine two or more dreadlocks into one, leaving you with a forked dread or "congo."

New Dreadlocks:
Comb out the dreadlocks you wish to combine. Start combing at the tips and work towards the roots. Re-dread the combed dreadlocks. Backcomb the hair of both sections back together; they will now form one large dreadlock. Place a rubber band (available @ dreadz.co.uk) at the combined root. Place one per every inch down the dreadlock as well. This will encourage joined growth. The length of time it will take for them to combine depends on your hair type. Remove the rubber bands. Make sure to do this only once the new, joined, locked growth has formed.

Mature Dreadlocks:
Find the roots of two dreadlocks you wish to combine. Bind them together using embroidery floss or yarn. The closer to your scalp that you bind, the better. Place a hair elastic at the roots. (available @ dreadz.co.uk). Rub your roots. Hold the combined dread at the base and gently rub in different directions against your scalp. Palm-roll the combined dreads together, as one, from root to tip. To palm-roll, hold the base of the dreadlock between both of your palms and roll it back and forth as fast as you can, pressing firmly.

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