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24 Jun '15

question... Q? Are you and your dreadlocks FESTIVAL ready?

Q? Are you FESTIVAL ready?

It seems like only yesterday that all that Christmas malarky and fuss was going on. Wrapping presents, visiting family, and stuffing ourselves with our favourite Christmas meal... and before we know it, the Summer Festival Season is about to get under way and into full swing! 

The question is... are you ready for it? 

  • All Purpose Bar: You're staying away from home and you need something small that you can take with so that you can look after both your dreads... and everything else too. (the All Purpose Bars can be used to clean almost anything.) 
  • Travel Soap Box: You have your All Purpose Bar... but you need something to keep it in. The travel soap box is just right for keeping your stuff soap bar lather free. 
  • Dreadlock Beads: You're going to party and you want to bling up your dreads. 
  • Headbands: You want to dance all day... and maybe even all night. A headband might come in handy to keep your dreads in place. 
  • Hats: If you're going to Glastonbury... good luck. The festival of rain and mud is nearly here. If you want to be out all day, and you're in the rain, a dread hat is an ideal way to keep your dreads dry. 

If you're going to a festival this... have fun and enjoy!

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