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Dreadz Peaked Brim Rasta Baggie Slouch Beanie Hat

Dreadz Peaked Brim Rasta (Baggie) Slouch Beanie Hat


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  • Black peaked brim: the inclusion of the peaked black brim adds an extra element of style to this Rasta beanie. 
  • Rasta stripes: Rastafarians adopted the colours red, yellow, and green as the colour of the Rastafarian movement.
  • Baggy, slouchy hat: There's plenty of room in this Peaked Brim Rasta Baggie Slouch Beanie Hat to keep even the longest dreadlocks neatly tucked in and tidy. 
  • 100% Acrylic: Especially for vegans & vegetarians, and those allergic to wool.
  • 30 degrees machine / hand wash: There's no need for you to do a hot wash to get this hat clean. you can add it in with all of your item cool wash clothes. 
  • Unisex: designed to be suitable for both sexes to be used and worn by both men and women alike.
  • One size fits all: Suitable for heads of all sizes, giving you a greater choice. Large or small, this Slouchy Rasta Hat will be an ideal fit.