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Six Large Silver Filigree Adjustable Single Dreadlock Hair Cuffs shown on synthetic dreadlocks against a white background

Large Silver Filigree Adjustable Dreadlock Hair Cuffs (AL-622-S) x 1 Cuff


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Adding cuffs is one way of decorating your dreadlocks and these come in different colours and materials. The procedure of putting cuffs in dreadlocks involves getting a choice of cuffs with distinctive sized holes in the centre.

Simply placing dreadlock cuffs on a lock can control hair growth on that dread.

Apply a cuff to the dreadlock by simply putting it on like a ring. Keep the cuffs well cared for by taking them off when taking part in any sporting activities or applying chemicals to your hair - such as hairspray, chlorine or hair dye.

A lot of people just use them for decoration, but you can use them for:

  • Tightening your dreads
  • Cover up loops, lumps, and holes
  • and add personality to dreads

Cuffs for your dreads! Buy just 1 cuff, or a few to adorn your dreads.

Each Cuff has a 16mm Hole (approx) in the middle.

  • Large silver adjustable hair braid dread cuff. 
  • Filigree design. 
  • Length 6cm. 
  • Adjustable Cuff. 
  • Hole Size: approx 16mm inner hole. 

1 CUFF @ £1.50 per Cuff.