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Dreadz Handmade Glazed Recycled Paper Dreadlock Hair Bead (8mm Hole) x 1 Bead (#65) (Multi)

Handmade Glazed Recycled Paper Hair Bead (8mm Hole) x 1 (#65) (Multi)


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These beads are lightweight but durable. 

Each bead gets a triple coat of thick, glossy iridescent glaze on the outside for strength, shine, and durability. 

The beads are water-resistant, but not water-proof (so rain is okay, but bathtubs and swimming, not so much) and they are also non-toxic. 

With care, paper beads will last a long time. 

Hand-rolled from re-cycled paper products... 100% handmade, colorful and unique. 

Colours are all dependent on the papers we collect, so you will find an ever changing range to choose from. 

Hole Size: 8mm (approx.). 

£0.50 each per bead.