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Dreadz Felt Dreadlocks Scrunchie - Short (Green Mix)

Dreadz Felt Dreadlocks Scrunchie - Short (Green Mix)


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  • Rich coloured felt 'dreads', knotted around an elasticated hair band, these scrunchies come in a several colours.
  • The scrunchie itself consists of thick lengths of colourful felt.
  • This hair accessory is great for ponytails or a bun but can also simply be worn on the wrist if you want.
  • Made in Nepal.
  • These hair scrunchies are made from 100% pure merino wool.
  • They are light and soft handmade dreads.
  • 3 shades colour mix.
  • All are individually handmade, and so have natural slight variations in appearance.
  • 20cm long laid flat end to end.