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Dreadz Red Black and White patterned Dreadlock Fabric Hair Cuff, code #3144, measuring 1 and 1 quarter inches long by half an inch wide, shown on brown wooden knitting needle behind transparent rule demonstrating length

Dreadz Dreadlock Fabric Cuff (1 1/4" Long x 1/2" Wide) #3144


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  • Handmade... Material: Fabric. 
  • Select your colour & design. 
  • Hole Size 7mm (approx.). 
  • Sleeve measures: 1 1/4" Long x 1/2" Wide (approx) or 32mm Long x 13mm Wide (approx.). 
  • 1 x dreadlock cuff.

These cuffs are fabulous for use in your dreadlocks. They are used to decorate your dreads, as well as to straighten out unruly dreads.

Handmade for Dreadz. The designs are fun and vibrant and the cuffs themselves are nice and durable and of course they look excellent.