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Dreadz Bungee Hair Tie (Brown)

Dreadz Bungee Hair Tie (Brown)


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Hair bungees are a single piece of specialized elastic with hooks on both ends which lets you wrap and unwrap your hair without pulling, snagging or tugging. You simply hook one end of the bungee into your hair, wrap around the ponytail and fasten with the other hook. 

Hair Bungees are great for tying back your dreadlocks and they come out easily with no snagging or pulling. 

The hair bungee allows you to adjust the tension of the band to suit the thickness of the hair you are working on. Meaning - no uneven pulls, lumps or snags. The single hair bungee is hooked into the hair, wrapped around the pony and held in place with the other hook. Bungee bands are absolutely ideal for working with hair extensions! Get in on the secret of professional hairstylists everywhere! 

Hair Bungees are ideal for:

  • Achieving ponytails. 
  • Creating hairstyles with minimal effort. 
  • Thick, curly or unruly hair. 
  • Tie back your dreads. 
  • Metal fastenings. 
  • Stretchy. 
  • Adjusts to the thickness of the hair. 
  • Provides superior hold without pulling. 
  • Perfect for working with delicate hair extensions.