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Dreadz Drawstring Bead Bag (Ethnic Style 6)

Dreadz Drawstring Bead Bag (Ethnic Style 6)


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This small Cotton with Nylon drawstring pouch bag is an ideal size for keeping your beard or hair beads stylishly safe and sound. Measuring 10cm wide by 14cm high, and presented in this lovely multi-coloured ethnic tribal style, this small drawstring pouch bag is a great way to look after your dreadlock hair or beard beads.

The draw cord is made from nylon. 

Perfect presentation as a pressie. 

  • Pouch/bag material: Coloured Cotton. 
  • Drawstring material: Nylon. 
  • Colour: Multi-Coloured Ethnic Tribal (pattern can vary a little). 
  • Size: 9cm x 13cm - 3.5'' x 5.2' (approx). 
  • Ideal use: Perfect for keeping your beard / hair beads stylishly safe and tidy.