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Two Dreadz Bronze Metal Flower Tube Dreadlock Hair Beads 10mm Hole, one shown standing on its end, the second on its side against plain background

Dreadz Bronze Metal Flower Tube Hair Bead (Hole 10mm) x 1 Bead


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Adding beads is one way of decorating your dreadlocks and these come in different colours and materials. The procedure of putting beads in dreadlocks involves getting a choice of beads with distinctive sized holes in the centre.

Simply placing dreadlock beads on a lock can control hair growth on that dread.

Apply a bead to the dreadlock by simply putting it on like a ring. Keep the beads well cared for by taking them off when taking part in any sporting activities or applying chemicals to your hair - such as hairspray, chlorine or hair dye.

A lot of people just use them for decoration, but you can use them for:

  • Tightening your dreads
  • Cover up loops, lumps, and holes
  • and add personality to dread

Beads for your dreads! Buy just 1 bead, or a couple to adorn your dreads.

It has an 10mm Hole (approx) in the middle.

1 BEAD @ £2.50 per bead.