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Dreadz Hand-Made Cotton Raggi Locks x 1 (Colour #2016_7A)

Dreadz Hand-Made Cotton Raggi Locks x 1 (Colour #2016_7A)


Adorn your dreads with these hand-made synthetic locks. 

Made from recycled materials they are a fab way to lively up your locks. 

  • * Made from recycled cotton. 
  • Colourful handmade decorations for your dreads
  • They are about pencil thickness
  • They are bumpy with the thickness naturally varying along the dreadlock
  • Attach with hair clip (enclosed) or sew/bind in or
  • Just loop the hair through the end of the extension, push to the base of your head, adjust the end
  • Hemp core with loop tops
  • Beads added to ends
  • Measures: approx: 12-14 inches long (without measuring loop)

[ N.B. Colours used for each Raggi Lock will vary within each colour group ]