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Knotty Boy How to Dread Instructions DVD How to Make Maintain and Remove Dreadlocks

Knotty Boy How To Dread DVD How to Make, Maintain and Remove Dreadlocks


Step by step video instructions on the Knotty Boy Method, is now available on DVD.

  • Universal DVD format. 
  • Easy to follow. 

In addition to the convenience of being able to view this video from any DVD player, get ready for serious increased video quality and hilarious out-takes of the Knotty Boy stylists that make it worth every penny. Enjoy! 

If you go wax-free, you must understand it will require the patience of the saints for your hair to form into true locks, and you will also have much less control over how your locks will appear, throughout development, and in the end. (Which is exactly why we created Knotty Boy Dread Wax in the first place - better locks, easier and faster!) But if you choose to use no Wax, no worries! Simply skip over the Wax part of the Instructions, and use the rest of the steps to create product-free locks.