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Knotty Boy Dye Nappy KIT, Dreadlock Dying Instructions

Knotty Boy Dye Nappy KIT


Get creative, dye your dreads! 

The How to Dye Nappy Instructions take the mystery out of how to properly colour your locks by walking you through the colouring process from start to finish. 

It also offers additional helpful tips and tricks, ensuring that your locks are not only super pretty, but also super healthy! 

Tucked into a great reusable Velcro-closing bag, the Dye Nappy Instructional Tool Kit includes:

  • 1 reusable Tint Brush. 
  • 1 pair of reusable Latex Gloves. 
  • 10 Highlight Foils (for colouring just a few locks). 
  • 1 reusable Shower Cap. 
  • 1 Official Knotty Boy How to Dye Nappy! Instructions.