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Knotty Boy Dreadlock Tightening Gel & Dread Shampoo Soap Bar DUO

Knotty Boy Dreadlock Tightening Gel & Dread Shampoo Soap Bar DUO


1. Loose locks need a little tightening and TLC? Knotty Boy LockSteady Dreadlock Tropical Tightening Gel 4oz. is a heavenly-scented, light, wash-out formula designed to tighten both new and mature dreadlocks, and bring loose hair and frizzies under control instantly.

  • quickly tightens both new and mature locks with light, wash-out formula.
  • grooms and controls loose hair and frizzies instantly.
  • aloe-based formula provides safe alternative to harsh salt-based accelerator sprays.
  • incredible tropical Lime fragrance!

Knotty Boy Tightening Gel tightens and replenishes dreads with pure Aloe Vera instead, which has been used traditionally by Rastafarians to groom and strengthen locks for decades. 

Utilizing the age-old lock-accelerating properties of pure Aloe Vera and Citrus Oils, and combined in a smoothie of Vitamins and Hemp Oil for tender loving hair care, this tropical party-in-a-jar is
also an alternative to concentrated salt-based ** Lock Accelerator Sprays (** notorious for badly damaging locks, causing excessive dandruff, salt build-up, breakage and serious scalp burns often leading to the loss of dreads completely).

** And for those non-Wax users out there, Knotty Boy LockSteady Dreadlock Tropical Tightening Gel is a fantastic wash-out alternative for starting and maintaining dreadlocks, wax-free.

2. Knotty Boy Dreadlock Shampoo Soap Bar 4oz. - Knotty Boy Natural Dreadlock Shampoos are hands-down our most popular hair care products for dreadheads. 

Know why? 

Not only are they 100% pure shampoo, as in, nothing in there but saponified veggie oils, washing with it also helps tighten locks faster - and kills the itch and flakes that can occur from time to time. 

Unlike medicated dandruff shampoo which only masks the problems that tend to come roaring back as soon as you stop using it, Knotty Boy Dread Shampoos actually nourish and restore stressed scalps back to health, and then keep them healthy. 

Oh, and the smell? Like dipping your dready head into a pot of melted peppermint patties while ice-fishing at the North Pole, with a delicious, shivery tingle that lasts for hours! 

So which one do I choose? Whichever you prefer. Both Dreadlock Shampoos deliver the same lock-cleansing, minty ingredients that keep you feeling and smelling fresh for days.

Some prefer the more travel-friendly, lightweight and naturally foamy Shampoo Bar, and others like the more conventional Liquid Shampoo. Your choice, or try both!

Knotty Boy LockSteady Tropical Dreadlock Tightening Gel Ingredients

Knotty Boy Dread Shampoo Soap Bar Ingredients