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Just For Locs™ First Six Months Loc & Twist Starter 6oz.

Just For Locs™ First Six Months Loc & Twist Starter (6oz.)


Unconditional 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

  • Superior Hold.
  • Natural Shine.
  • Moisturizes.
  • No Build Up.
  • No Flaking.

Just For Locs First Six Months™ Loc & Twist Starter is the first and only product specifically developed to make starting your locs quick and easy! The First Six Months of locking is the most crucial stage in the journey. The natural ingredients gather and hold the new Locs in place to make sure you start your locs the right way. Enjoy this most exciting stage and have the confidence that your locs are going to be healthy and beautiful.

To begin locs, start with hair that is 1-2 inches in length. Thoroughly shampoo and condition your hair. Follow directions on the label to create twists. Hair must be maintained in a continued twist style for 3- 6 months to produce a mature loc.

After hair is shampooed and conditioned, separate hair into four sections. Start at the back of the hair and part hair in smaller sections to the desired thickness of the starter twists. Apply a generous amount of Just For Locs™ First Six Months Loc & Twist Starter to palm and rub together. Using the palm or comb roll technique, apply the product to each individual small section and twist hair clockwise until a tight twist is formed from root to tip. Work on each individual parted segment until the full section is complete. Then move to the next section to ensure a uniformed look. After the entire head is twisted, sit under a dryer until hair is completely dry.

You must never unravel or fully remove starter twists. Touch up or re-twist new growth with Loc & Twist Starter every 2-4 weeks for up to six months to form mature and healthy locs.

The art of loc style starts with natural ingredients and premium performance from styling aids. Just For Locs was specifically formulated to meet the challenges of scalp stimulation, intense moisture delivery and maximum hold associated with permanent to semi-permanent natural styling.

Loc & twist styling is natural hair taken to another level and not just any products will due. Try Just For Locs™ a Fresh Approach to Loc Care & Maintenance.

[ Legal Disclaimer: Dreadz is not responsible for any person's skin/scalp reaction to any ingredients. 

If you have not tried this product before, please conduct a small, 24-hour patch test behind your ear or inside your elbow, to ensure that it is safe and appropriate for you to continue. ]