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Irie Dread Lock & Twist Papaya & Passion Fruit Scalp Oil (237ml)

Irie Dread Lock & Twist Papaya & Passion Fruit Scalp Oil (237ml)


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Irie Dread Papaya and Passion Fruit Scalp Oil helps soothe and soften the scalp as it helps strengthen and nourish locks and twists. 

Irie Dread Scalp Oil can also be used as a hot oil treatment when desired. 

How to Use: 
Apply to the scalp and lock and twist your style. Alternatively, use a hot oil treatment: Warm in warm water, massage in, use a hair dryer and then rinse away. 

Why it Works: 
The exotic blend of papaya and passion fruit means Irie Dread Scalp Oil is rich in moisture, which is great for nourishing hair and scalp and preventing breakage. We love the fruity scent too.

[ Legal Disclaimer: Dreadz is not responsible for any person's skin/scalp reaction to any ingredients. 

If you have not tried this product before, please conduct a small, 24-hour patch test behind your ear or inside your elbow, to ensure that it is safe and appropriate for you to continue. ]