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Providing the best in Dreadlock Products, Tools & Accessories

Dread 1.2.1 is a premier dreadlocking service now based in Bristol.

I'm Dread 1.2.1 based in Bristol and I work solely on a call out basis.

Since starting out in 2003, I have worked my loctician magic on hundreds of clients of all ages, from 10 years old up to 60.

I specialise solely in natural dreadlocking and maintenance (I work with your own hair/pre-fitted hair extensions).

Being specialised means I can offer you the quickest, most efficient service possible.

I work using Knotty Boy all natural dreadlock products, which smell great and don't contain any nasty chemicals, and I use a combination of backcombing and crotcheting to achieve a beautiful head of dreads.

I had my dreads created over 10 years ago using the same method and I've never looked back!

I offer extremely competitive, per hour pricing and I generally work on a call out basis.

For questions, queries and bookings you can contact me by email dread121@hotmail.co.uk or call me (Kat) on 07986 248080

Dread 1.2.1, Montpelier, Bristol.

Picture gallery of previous Dread 1.2.1 happy client's dreadlocks - before & after.

[ pics to come ]